Thursday, June 21, 2007

Randal Rauser, Is The Trinity a True Contradiction?

Randal Rauser, 'Is The Trinity a True Contradiction?'. Quodlibet Journal 4 (2002).

Rauser compares the logical problem of the trinity to 'true contradictions', i.e., contradictions which are true. In classical logic, if you admit one contradiction, you have to admit all contradictions, so to avoid this, everybody believed that contradictions were false. In modern paraconsistent logic, you can localize contradictions so that those contradictions don't entail contradictions in the rest of the system. Consequently, some today can admit contradictions which are true.

Rauser then considers David Cunningham's book These Three Are One because Cunningham seems to claim all over that book that contradictory states of affairs are true. In the end, Rauser concludes that it is not helpful to countenance true contradictions in God. The reason is that God is a necessary being, and thus any true contradictions would ultimately be about God's nature, and it makes more sense to say God is, for example, 'good' only rather than that God is 'not-good' and 'good'.

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